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IBM Training


IBM Training | Introduction to Storage

Code: SS01G
  • Hours 2 Days
  • Cost R8,500.00
  • Advanced
  • Multiple
  • Journey Road Map
  • Certification Certification

This is an exciting time to explore storage. Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are creating alot of data. Data stored in your data center or the cloud, needs to be delivered, managed and retained. Optimizing data storage reveals insights to deliver competitive advantages. IBM Spectrum Storage, Virtualization, High Availability and the Cloud are areas to explore. SS01 is a foundational course for the IBM Storage course portfolio. This course will cover foundation elements of storage concepts as well as the majority of the storage products that IBM offers. RAID, SAN, NAS and network connectivity are discussed. High Availability and business continuity are also covered. Virtualization with Storage is discussed with benefits and migration topics. We will discuss the IBM family of disks, tape systems, the SAN Family with storage solutions for the Cloud. Last we will cover details on the IBM Spectrum family, Tivoli Storage Products, and the new DS8880 Disk system. There are no labs for this course.

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