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JWS and JWE Support in IBM DataPower V7.2

Course Description


This course teaches you how to use the JWS and JWE support that is part of IBM DataPower V7.2. JWS provides data integrity support for REST and JSON messages. JWE provides data confidentiality for REST and JSON messages. The course covers both the WebGUI approach and the GatewayScript approach. Hands-on exercises provide opportunities to practice the information that is covered in the lectures.  


This intermediate course is designed for IBM DataPower V7.2 integration developers who need to configure signing and encrypting support for REST and JSON messages.


You should have:
  • WebGUI and GatewayScript experience with IBM DataPower V6.0 or later, or successfully complete course Accelerate, Secure and Integrate with IBM DataPower V7.1 (WE711G) or Accelerate, Secure and Integrate with IBM DataPower V7.1 (ZE711G)
  • Familiarity with the JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) specifications. This knowledge can be obtained by watching the JOSE and JOSE support in IBM DataPower V7.2 (VW712G) webcast at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2O5eat6A60

Key topics

  • Course introduction
  • Using the WebGUI to create and verify a JWS
  • Exercise: Creating and verifying a JWS
  • Using the WebGUI to create and decrypt a JWE
  • Exercise: Creating and decrypting a JWE
  • Using GatewayScript to manipulate a JWS and a JWE
  • Exercise: Using GatewayScript to work with a JWS and a JWE
  • Course summary


  • Describe the JWS and JWE formats for compact and JSON serialization
  • Configure JSON Web Sign and JSON Web Verify actions to work with signatures
  • Configure JSON Web Encrypt and JSON Web Decrypt actions to work with encryption
  • Use GatewayScript to work with the JOSE module for signatures and encryption

Course Duration

1 day
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