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Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture

Course Description


Learn how your IT infrastructure could benefit from a Cloud Computing solution. Through discussions and hands-on labs, you will be introduced to the building blocks of most Cloud Computing solutions. Discussions will delve into an overview of Cloud concepts, which will including delivery models, provisioning, service management, monitoring, and best practices. Hands-on labs will provide experience with using the Service Portal and TSAM interface to perform tasks such as discovering services, requesting a service, modifying a project, monitoring information, generating invoices, and backing up a server.  


This is a basic course for architects, system integrators, security administrators, network administrators, software engineers, technical support individuals, and/or IBM BP who are responsible for elements of an existing IT infrastructure.  


You should have:
  • A basic understanding of a computer operating system and virtualization would be beneficial

Key topics:

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Cloud Concepts
  • Unit 2 - Self Service Portal
  • Unit 3 - Service Life Cycle


  • Describe Cloud Computing
  • Discuss why there is a growing interest in Cloud Computing (historic review)
  • Show how Cloud Computing is a major evolution of technology in the past decade
  • Identify the added value of this new infrastructure model compared to previous ones
  • Discuss the pros and cons for each Service Portal point of view; user, administrator, provider, manager
  • Describe the components of a Cloud Computing solution (agnostic description)
  • Describe the "as a service" model of Cloud Computing
  • Examine the nature of the different cloud architectures:
    • Private, public, hybrid
  • Describe a Self Service Portal
  • Identify and describe the different portal user roles:
    • Cloud administrator
    • Team member
    • Team administrator
  • Describe the architecture of a Self Service Portal (group of users, what is a service...)
  • Describe the lifecycle of a service
  • Identify the features that can be added to a simple service request (monitoring, usage and accounting, backup...)
  • Describe and perform provisioning
  • idem for monitoring and usage and accounting
  • Describe a catalogue
  • Create, modify, start, and stop a service

Course Duration

2 days
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