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Administering IBM Business Monitor V7.5

Course Description


This course teaches you the main features of the Decision Server Insights component of IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.7.1. Decision Server Insights enables real-time, in-memory, rule-based, event-driven, and analytical decision making. You experience how to use analytics, time-based reasoning, and location-based reasoning to build a real-world solution that detects and responds to business situations. You also learn the key capabilities of the multi-agent architecture of Decision Server Insights by developing several agents that are bound to a single entity for different purposes. This course focuses on solution development, deployment, and testing. You learn how to implement the business logic that detects business situations and uses situational context to decide and take the next best action. The course begins with an overview of the programming model for Decision Server Insights and the architecture for the Decision Server Insights runtime environment. You learn key terminology such as event, entity, agent, and aggregate. You learn about the analytic capabilities that provide the foundation for decisions results. You also learn how to design a Decision Server Insights solution, model the business entities and events that you care about, and implement the business logic. You work with a realistic test client to test the behavior of your implementation after deployment.  


This intermediate course is designed for developers.  


You should have:
  •          Experience with the Java programming language and object-oriented concepts
  •          Basic knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  •          Basic knowledge of the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile

Key topics

  • Course introduction
  •          Introducing IBM Decision Server Insights V8.7.1
  •          Exercise: Getting started with Decision Server Insights
  •          Designing Decision Server Insights solutions
  •          Exercise: Creating a solution in Insight Designer
  •          Creating the business model
  •          Exercise: Defining the business model
  •          Authoring the business logic
  •          Exercise: Creating a rule agent
  •          Exercise: Writing and testing rules
  •          Working with global aggregates
  •          Exercise: Using global aggregates in rules
  •          Exercise: Using event aggregates in rules
  •          Exercise: Using time-based and location-based reasoning in rules
  •          Exercise: Testing for the absence of events
  •          Deploying solutions
  •          Exercise: Deploying solutions
  •          Testing solutions
  •          Modeling and defining connectivity
  •          Exercise: Defining connectivity for a solution
  •          Integrating Decision Server Insights
  •          Course summary


  •   Describe the Decision Server Insights programming model and architecture
  •          Design and create a Decision Server Insights solution
  •          Define the business model for the events, entities, and concepts that are relevant to your domain
  •          Use global aggregates for calculations across all events or a population of entities
  •          Implement business logic with rule agents and rules to detect and respond to business situations
  •          Deploy solutions to the Insight Server runtime and test runtime behavior
  •          Explain Decision Server Insights integration capabilities

Course Duration

3 Days
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