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Lotus Sametime 8.5: Building Collaborative Communication Solutions

Course Description


Do you need to go beyond text based instant messaging? Is adding point-to-point live video important to your business or clients? Is the ability to integrate full Lotus Sametime capability within desktop applications of value? Do you feel like you should be able to do more with Lotus Sametime than bots, chatting and online conferencing? Now you can with Lotus Sametime 8.5, the new collaboration engine. If you have built solutions on previous versions of Lotus Sametime and need an update, or if you are new to the product, this workshop is for you. This three day workshop will show you the server side setup, new client interface, voice conferencing, and the chatting capabilities that users love about Lotus Sametime. You will also learn how to extend Lotus Sametime with Eclipse plug-in development and deployment, and how to integrate with other Lotus products. You will see the power of working together to capture the wisdom of crowds. You can learn how to build your own custom applications to engage the community in open discussion! You will actually build sample applications to take home and show your colleagues. It's not about instant messaging; it's about collaboration.  


This intermediate course is for Lotus Domino or Sametime administrators who are new or experienced with Lotus Sametime and who need to deploy and manage Lotus Sametime in an enterprise environment.  


You should complete the following IBM Lotus Sametime course:
  • Implementing an IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Infrastructure (ST850) or have equivalent knowledge, skills,and experience

Key topics

  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting Lotus Sametime 8.5 server
  • Lotus Sametime Connect instant messaging client
  • Innovations in real time collaboration
  • Communities, broadcast applications, and other innovations
  • Lotus Sametime 8.5 standard plug-in development and deployment
  • Understanding and usage of the Lotus Sametime SDK
  • Lotus Expeditor integration with Lotus Sametime
  • The foundation for social networking tools


  • Understand the differences with prior releases
  • Understand Lotus Sametime 8.5 features and services, with a focus on server, client and extending the client via the SDK
  • Special focus on using Eclipse to develop Lotus Sametime plug-ins
  • Branding Lotus Sametime Connect client
  • Developing new applications to extend the client capabilities
  • Using the extension points to add-on to the user interface
  • Deployment and configuration of applications to Lotus Sametime Connect client
  • How to move your application beyond instant messaging and Web conferencing
  • Installing and exploring the features of Lotus Sametime
  • How to test and debug plug-ins
  • Integration with desktop productivity applications
  • Using Lotus Expeditor to deliver Lotus Sametime applications to rich client platforms

Course Duration

3 days
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