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Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.2 for UNIX/Linux: Advanced Administration II

Course Description


This class covers how to set up advanced service group and application configurations, manage system outages, and upgrade a cluster.
Hands-On This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.  


This course is for system administrators, architects, and technical support personnel who are responsible for implementing, managing, and supporting clusters in complex enterprise environments.    


You must have administrator-level experience with UNIX or Linux, TCP/IP networking, and clustering using Veritas Cluster Server.  

Key topics

Service Groups Managing Service Group Dependencies
  • Common application relationships
  • Service group dependencies
  • Service group dependency examples
  • Configuring service group dependencies
  • Limitations of service group dependencies
Using Virtual Business Services
  • Understanding Virtual Business Services
  • Configuring a virtual business service
  • Managing a virtual business service
  • Disaster recovery support in VBS
  • Supporting a VBS environment
Using Triggers to Customize VCS Behavior
  • Understanding triggers
  • Configuring triggers
  • Using multiple trigger scripts
Reconfiguring Cluster Membership
  • Removing a cluster node
  • Adding a cluster node
  • Merging clusters
Applications Controlling Application Startup and Shutdown
  • Data protection requirements
  • I/O fencing concepts
  • I/O fencing operations
  • I/O fencing implementation
  • Fencing configuration
Controlling Application Failover
  • Coordination point concepts
  • Server-based fencing architecture
  • CPS operations
  • Installing and configuring a CP server
  • Configuring server-based I/O fencing
  • Coordination point agent
Customizing Application Failover Behavior
  • Installing and configuring highly available CP servers
  • CPS administration
  • Administering disk-based I/O fencing
  • Configuring preferred fencing
Managing Applications in Docker Containers Behavior
  • Installing and configuring highly available CP servers
  • CPS administration
  • Administering disk-based I/O fencing
  • Configuring preferred fencing
Systems and Clusters Managing System Outages
  • Differentiating between system shutdown and outage
  • Controlling cluster shutdown
  • Controlling applications during a system outage
Upgrading InfoScale Availability
  • Planning to upgrade SFHA
  • Online upgrade
  • Full upgrade
  • Rolling upgrade
  • Phased upgrade
  • Finding and installing SFHA patches


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Set up service group dependencies and virtual Business services.
  • Use triggers to customize VCS behavior.
  • Reconfigure cluster memberships.
  • Control and customize application startup, failover, and¬†shutdown.
  • Manage system outages and upgrade clusters.

Course Duration

5 Days
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