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Veritas NetBackup Appliances 2.7.x: Configuration and Management

Course Description


The Veritas NetBackup Appliances 2.7.x: Configuration and Management course provides IT professionals with the skills necessary to configure and manage Veritas NetBackup appliances. You will learn about the general tools and processes used when working with NetBackup appliances, such as the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu and the NetBackup Appliance Web Console, as well as configuration and maintenance tasks specific to the NetBackup 5240 and 5330 appliances. Additionally, this course explains how to configure, back up, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot a Veritas NetBackup Appliance environment. An appendix is included for 5230 configuration and management.
Hands-On This course includes hands-on labs with a virtual appliance, demonstrations, and videos that enable you to run commands, view reports, and observe procedures and begin to apply them in your working environment.


This course is intended for Administrators, Operators, and other IT professionals who need to understand the general configuration, operations, monitoring, and management concepts of a NetBackup Appliance.


Before attending this course, you should have an understanding and working knowledge of networking fundamentals, storage fundamentals, Linux command fundamentals, and general NetBackup concepts, such as storage units and backup policies.

Key topics

Introduction and Overview
  • NetBackup appliance family overview
  • NetBackup appliance software overview
  • NetBackup appliance hardware overview
Appliance Configuration
  • Pre-configuration checklist and other considerations
  • Accessing the Appliance Web Console
  • Initial configuration tasks using the Appliance Web Console and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH)
  • Remote configuration using Veritas Remote Management (VRM)
  • Appliance configuration validation
Appliance Operations
  • Integrating appliances in a NetBackup environment
  • Performing backups and restores with appliances
  • Running backup reports
Appliance Troubleshooting and Tools
  • Appliance online resources
  • Appliance physical inspection
  • Resolving common hardware faults
Monitoring Appliance Health
  • Monitoring with OpsCenter
  • Monitoring with the Appliance Web Console and the Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH)
  • Monitoring with Veritas Remote Management
Updates, Resets and Reimage
  • Upgrade overview to 2.7.3
  • Pre-upgrade checks
  • Upgrading the appliance
  • Appliance resets
  • Appliance reimaging
  • Decommission an appliance
Maintenance Tasks
  • Manage AutoSupport Alerts
  • Set login banner
  • Configuring a NetBackup CLI user
  • LDAP and AD authentication
  • Adding a storage shelf
  • Symantec Data Center Security (SDCS)
  • Configure SAN Client and Fibre Channel Replication
Appendix A - Configuring and managing 5230 Appliances
  • Appliance Overview
  • Appliance Monitoring
  • Appliance Tasks


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify and describe each of the Veritas Appliance family models, software releases, and the major features of each of those models.
  • Describe the process of performing a basic configuration of the Appliance using the NetBackup Appliance Web Console and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH).
  • Describe backups and restores using an appliance and run reports from the NetBackup and Appliance interfaces.
  • Review troubleshooting tools and identify troubleshooting resources.
  • Describe the process of monitoring and managing the 5240 appliance using Veritas Remote Management (VRM) and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu CLISH).
  • Describe the process of applying updates to the appliance software and the effects and options of performing a reset or a reimage and decommissioning an appliance.
  • Identify common Appliance hardware faults or failures and management tasks for the appliance.

Course Duration

2 days
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