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Legal Discovery Using Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 Discovery Accelerator

Course Description


The Legal Discovery Using Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 Discovery Accelerator course is designed for those who use Discovery Accelerator to search, review, and prepare archived items in support of information requests. This class describes the steps involved in setting up discovery searches and explains how to review, analyze, and export the search results. In addition, using research folders and setting up marks and tags are discussed. Also included are analytics and client review. Note: Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Discovery Accelerator are not covered.


This course is for users of Discovery Accelerator and other individuals who use Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator to retrieve requested business information.  


You must have a working knowledge of Enterprise Vault on Microsoft Windows.  

Key topics

Introduction to Electronic Discovery
  • Electronic discovery
  •  Introduction to Discovery Accelerator
  •  Starting and navigating Discovery Accelerator
  • Setting up roles
  •  Case Study: Using Discovery Accelerator
Sources of Archived Electronic Data • Records management • Data archiving overview • Mailbox archiving • Journaling archiving • PST archiving • File system and SharePoint archiving Custodian and Target Management
  •  Overview of custodian manager
  •  Accessing the custodian manager
  •  Adding an Active Directory Domain
  • Viewing and modifying a custodian
  • Viewing custodian groups
  •  Setting up targets and target groups
Research Folders and Cases
  • Introduction to research folders
  • Creating research folders
  • Research folder functionality
  • Setting up cases
Marks and Tags • Using marks • Tags and tag groups Searches
  • Performing searches
  •  Accepting searches
  • Search schedules
Analytics and Automatic Categorization • Analytics overview • Configuring analytics • Using automatic categorization Selecting Items for Review
  • Manual review overview
  • Assigning items to reviewers
  •  Faceted filtering
  •  Search within a search
Reviewing Items
  • Review Process
  •  Using the Similar/Duplicate Option
  •  Copying Items to a Research Folder
  •  Customizing the Reviewing Screen
  • Conversation view
Exporting and Producing
  • Exporting and producing data
  • Export using Duplicate or Similar
  • Best practices
  • Discovery Accelerator chain of custody reports
  • Running a Discovery Accelerator report
  •  Exporting reports
Advanced Topics
  • Creating a new customer
  • Discovery Accelerator advanced settings
  • Overview of prefetch cache
  • Configuring Search settings
  •  Adding a Custom Search Attribute


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Define how Discovery Accelerator is used to meet a company’s search demands.
  • Set up research folders to perform proactive investigation.
  • Use marks to indicate the status of an item.
  • Use tags to pose a question in a case.
  • Search, review, export, and produce items that have been requested.
  • Turn on and use Analytics, Automatic Categorization, and Conversation View.
  • Schedule and run Discovery Accelerator reports.

Course Duration

3 Days
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