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z/OS System Operators

To provide an overview of the z Operating System (OS), look at the systems from both a hardware and software prospective, and develop a basic understanding of System z partitioning capabilities, Processor Resource/Systems Manager (PR/SM), z/OS, Job Entry Subsystem 2 (JES2), Job Entry Subsystem 3 (JES3), Time Sharing Option (TSO), TSO Extended (TSO/E), System Display and Search Facility (SDSF), z/OS Communications Server, and System z channel subsystem usage for various channels, such as Enterprise System Connection (ESCON), Fiber Connector (FICON), and the Open Systems Adapter (OSA).
  ES27G     |        Basic     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-25     |         IBM

z/OS JES2 Operator Training

This course is designed to give the z/OS Operator personnel as well as entry systems programmers an overview about JES2.
  ES28G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-04-24     |         IBM

Assembler Language Coding Workshop

This classroom hands-on lab course provides an introduction to the mainframe Assembler language.
  ES34G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Advanced Assembler Language Coding Workshop

This course provides instruction and practice in the use of the more complex S/390 Assembler Language facilities for the experienced assembler language programmer.
   ES35G     |        Advanced     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-05-28     |         IBM

z/OS System Programmer Fundamentals

This course is designed to describe the basic components that apply to all z/OS systems.
  ES40G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

z/OS Installation Using ServerPac

This course is designed to teach you how to use the CustomPac installation dialog to receive and install a new z/OS ServerPac order.
  ES41G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-11     |         IBM

Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop

This course is developed for systems programmers working on an implementation of a Parallel Sysplex.
  ES42G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-11     |         IBM

z/OS REXX Programming Workshop

This course is designed to teach you the basic skills required to write programs using the REXX language in z/OS.
  ES52G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Basic z/OS Tuning Using the Workload Manager

Do you need to know how to establish a practical performance management program for your z/OS system? This course is designed for new performance analysts to learn to work with the Workload Manager (WLM) in goal mode. Learn concepts of WLM and performance management in the z/OS system using the WLM.
  ES54G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-18     |         IBM

WebSphere for z/OS Version 8.5 Implementation

WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Version 8.5 (V8) for z/OS provides a Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) runtime environment for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), along with servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) in web applications.
  ES68G     |        Advanced     |             |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

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