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IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations

This course is designed so that students can learn how z/OS systems operate in a Parallel Sysplex environment through discussion topics and hands-on lab exercises.
   ES73G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

IBM Z: Technical Overview of HW and SW Mainframe Evolution

This course is designed to provide an understanding of today's complex system mainframe environment on the zEnterprise System and System z servers.
  ES82G     |        Basic     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Implementing RACF Security for CICS/ESA and CICS/TS

This course teaches you how to implement security for your CICS systems using RACF as the external security manager.
  ES84G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-18     |         IBM

Advanced z OS Performance: WLM, Sysplex, UNIX Services, z Systems

Today, z/OS supports new workloads running as e-business servers, including the IBM Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server and WebSphere.
  ES85G     |        Advanced     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Advanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop

This course describes advanced operator actions to implement new policies, coupling facilities, structures and sysplex related operational enhancements.
  ES90G     |        Intermediate     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-19     |         IBM

Hardware Configuration and Definition (HCD) for z/OS

Learn to work with the Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) function for z/OS, and to plan and initiate dynamic reconfiguration of your zSeries hardware environment.
  ES96G     |        Intermediate     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

z/OS Management Facility Implementation and Use

This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to install and customize IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) 2.1, and use the functions and features provided by z/OSMF.
  ESB3G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-04-22     |         IBM

WAS for z/OS Liberty Profile

Liberty profile is a new application server run-time model that is available on all platforms supported by the WebSphere Application Server V8.5 product.
  ESB4G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

z/OS 2.3 Update

This course is designed to teach students the new features and enhanced functions provided in z/OS Version 2 Release 3.
  ESC8G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Blockchain on IBM Z

Blockchain is an emerging technology pattern that can radically improve banking, supply-chain, and other transaction networks, creating new opportunities for innovation.
  ESE0G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-18     |         IBM

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