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Pervasive Encryption on z/OS

Organizations are compelled to find effective and cost-efficient data security solutions.
  ESS10G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

IBM z/OS Bootcamp

This course is designed to give new hire IT professionals an introduction into the IBM Z environment.
  ESZ0G     |        Basic     |         10 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-18     |         IBM

IBM System z: Technical Overview of HW and SW Mainframe Evolution

This course is designed to provide an understanding of today's complex system mainframe environment on the zEnterprise System and System z servers.
  ES82G     |        Basic     |         2 Days     |        R10700     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Introducing z/OS UNIX System Services

This course describes how open standards are implemented in a z/OS system by z/OS UNIX.
  OP05G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R16050     |         2019-04-17     |         IBM

z/OS UNIX System Services Implementation

This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to install and customize z/OS UNIX (full name z/OS UNIX System Services), and to manage and monitor the z/OS UNIX environment.
  OP25G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R24100     |         2019-05-27     |         IBM

zVM and zLinux Bootcamp

This course introduces the system programmer to the tasks required to support a z/VM operating system. It provides an overview of the processes required to install z/VM and perform the required tailoring steps to support guest operating system virtual machines and CMS users.
  ZL00G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R22900     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Linux Implementation for System z (SUSE)

This course is designed to teach the implementation of SUSE Linux on System z.
  ZL10G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Linux Basics - A System z Perspective

This course enables students to perform everyday tasks using the Linux operating system.
  ZL12G     |        Basic     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-14     |         IBM

Advanced Solutions for Linux on System z (SuSE)

This course provides you with the knowledge to prepare your Linux on System z for production.
  ZL15G     |        Intermediate     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-04-09     |         IBM

z/VM Introduction and Concepts

This classroom course of 3.0 days teaches how to use CP and CMS commands in a VM/CMS environment.
  ZV02G     |        Basic     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-05-22     |         IBM

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