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Installing, Configuring, and Servicing z/VM

This course introduces the system programmer to the tasks required to support a z/VM operating system.
  ZV06G     |        Basic     |         5 Days     |        R24100     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

z/VM RACF and DirMaint Implementation

This course introduces the students to the implementation of the DirMaint and RACF Security Server for z/VM program products.
  ZV20G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R24100     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Advanced Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics (V25) SPVC

This course provides an application-oriented introduction to advanced statistical methods available in IBM SPSS Statistics.
  0K09AG     |        Advanced     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-04-03     |         IBM

IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials (v11.5)

This course enables the project administrators and ETL developers to acquire the skills necessary to develop parallel jobs in DataStage.
  KM204G     |        Basic     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-05-21     |         IBM

IBM InfoSphere DataStage v11.5 - Advanced Data Processing

This course is designed to introduce you to advanced parallel job data processing techniques in DataStage v11.5.
  KM423G     |        This course is designed to introduce you to advanced parallel job data processing techniques in DataStage v11.5.     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

IBM Information Analyzer Essentials v 11.5

In this course, you will learn how to use the IBM InfoSphere suite to analyze data and report results to business users.
  KM803G     |        Basic     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-04-02     |         IBM

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Essentials v11.5

This course teaches how to build QualityStage parallel jobs that investigate, standardize, match, and consolidate data records.
  KM213G     |        Basic     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-05-13     |         IBM

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog v11.5.0.2: Building the Catalog SPVC

In this course students learn how the Information Governance Catalog is used to govern information assets through the development of a governance catalog of categories and terms.
  2M615G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-12     |         IBM

IBM InfoSphere Advanced QualityStage V11.5

This course will step you through the QualityStage data cleansing process.
  KM413G     |        Advanced     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         2019-06-25     |         IBM

IBM PureData System for Analytics Programming and Usage

This course will teach participants how to develop applications for the IBM PureData System for Analytics (PDA) N1001,N2001 and N3001 appliance.
  DW585G     |        Intermediate     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         2019-03-12     |         IBM

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