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Korn and Bash Shell Programming

This course will teach you how to use shell scripts and utilities for practical system administration of AIX (or other UNIX) operating systems.
  AN202G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

PERL Programming for Open Systems

This course concentrates on the core skills required to do effective Perl 5 programming.
  AN203G     |        Advanced     |         4 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

UNIX / AIX User Additional Skills

This course enables students to perform everyday user tasks using the AIX operating system.
  AN204DG     |        Basic     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Network Installation Manager (NIM) Updates

This online course is supplemental to (AN22G) AIX Network Installation Management Concepts and Configuration.
  AN22ADG     |        Intermediate     |         1 Day     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization III: Implementing Shared Storage Pools

This course provides the implementation and management skills to create Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) storage groups and shared storage pools on IBM Power Systems.
  AN32G     |        Advanced     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Power Systems Running Linux: Server Administration

This course introduces basic administrative tasks associated with Linux Servers hosted on Power Systems servers.
  LX071G     |        Intermediate     |         3 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

Power Systems Running Linux: Storage Management

This course is designed to provide the students with what they need to know when managing storage in a Linux on Power environment.
  LX072G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

IBM Power Systems Scale-Up Technical Sales Certification Preparation Workshop

This workshop helps students prepare to take the exam to attain the IBM Certified Specialist – Power Systems Scale?Up Technical Sales certification.
  AN097G     |        Intermediate     |         5 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

What's New in POWER8 (VIOS 2.2.5/HMC V8 R8.6.0) and AIX 7.2 (Technology Level 1)?

This non-workshop (lecture-only) course is designed to provide continuing education for system administrators who have extensive experience with previous levels of Power Systems hardware, PowerVM, AIX and related software products.
  AN105G     |        Intermediate     |         2 Days     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

PowerVM with PowerVC

This is a four hour, intermediate level, self paced learning module that describes IBM PowerVC, benefits, how to transition to using it, and how it improves Power Systems virtualization management.
  AN36DG     |        Intermediate     |         1 Day     |        R0     |         0000-00-00     |         IBM

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